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Federato defends the right to efficient, equitable insurance by bringing intelligence to a new era of risk.

We Recognize

Those most in need post-disaster are the least likely to have access to needed funds through insurance.

We Believe

Innovation in AI gives insurers the ability to augment decision making during times of increasing uncertainty.

We Will

Lead the charge in closing the global insurance coverage gap through purposeful innovation and execution.

Uninsured loss is growing exponentially

“Globally, there is a large gap between total losses and the amount that are insured, referred to as the insurance gap - e.g., more than 70% of losses from natural disaster events are uninsured globally.”

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$150B+ Gap

The impact born out of innovation in the insurance sector is endless.

“Insurance can provide financial protection to insureds, preventing negative economic hardship after a disaster. It can speed rebuilding and recovery by providing post-disaster funding and liquidity soon after the event.

Insurance could help promote risk reduction before a disaster through financial incentives or after an event through extra funding for hazard mitigation as part of rebuilding efforts. An understanding of the hazard risks and exposure, as well as an appreciation of the role of insurance, are all needed to realize this potential.”

Dr. Carolyn Kousky
Wharton Risk Management and Decision Process

Our financial commitment

Federato offers proportional software discounts for every dollar invested by our customers in distribution programs directly targeting underserved populations.
Learn how our customers are uplifting the communities they serve.

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