Insurance carriers can no longer afford to underutilize data.

Federato brings speed and precision to underwriting, resulting in better outcomes for organizations and communities.

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Beautiful things happen when you take the time to listen.

Amplify existing data investments

Empower people to take action

Strengthen your relationships

We’re leading the future with Risk Ops to drive more precision into your processes in an increasingly complex risk environment. Our design philosophy begins with the belief that businesses don’t have problems, people do, and we’ve spent over 1250 hours asking the underwriters you work so hard to retain what they need to do their job better.

Intelligence built for a new era of risk

Federato is an underwriting platform for insurance carriers that uses a collaborative, real-time approach to coordinate risk selection and safeguard your portfolio.

Despite massive investments into data augmentation and new predictive models, precision underwriting remains elusive in P&C insurance. Federato's Risk Ops approach surfaces portfolio-aware insights at key points of action in the pricing process.

Our capabilities

Systematic adherence to rules, guidelines, and authority

Proactive monitoring of risk accumulations

Real-time organizational performance & goal tracking

Account prioritization by appetite and winnability

Dynamic optimization of each underwriter’s queue

Embedded notes, referrals, and collaboration

Promote transparent, real-time collaboration across all stakeholders — underwriters, underwriting managers, regional leaders, and business owners. Through thoughtfully designed user experience, Federato uses your organization’s underwriting goals to dynamically evaluate 'next best actions' and ensure the whole team is market aware and moving together.

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federato’s benefits
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Balance growth and risk exposure to maximize return on reinsurance

Measure conformance to organizational goals and guidelines

Improve underwriter satisfaction and increase productivity

When every underwriter has real-time insights, profitable growth follows!

Portfolio Risk Management

Dynamic portfolio optimization improves company outcomes as a standalone solution, or in concert with a policy administration and underwriting workstation.

Property & Casualty Underwriting

Federato’s new business, renewals, and referrals workflows were tailor-made for property and casualty (P&C) insurance and include real-time goal setting, performance tracking, detailed account data visibility, and high level risk analysis.

“My feeling has been that the insurance industry is using yesterday’s information and skill sets to solve today’s problems. Federato’s Risk Ops solution brought us a whole different way of looking at an industry that has tons of data but struggles with how to appropriately use and integrate it.”

Steve Doucette



Optimized in reinsurance exposure


Reduced treaty rates

Riks Ops


Portfolio Risk + Underwriting Operations

Risk Ops brings AI to insurance in a way that transcends basic automation and instead uses the first principles of machine learning to elevate underserved underwriting teams. Our solutions bring high-quality, dynamic risk information to the last mile in underwriting and core operations through a workflow that was, truly, designed by underwriters themselves.