Federato Raises $25M in Series B Funding to Continue Catalyzing Insurance’s “AI Moment”
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Insurers can no longer afford to underutilize data

RiskOps means more precise + productive underwriting in only 8 weeks — and we never charge for services. Yes, seriously.

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Federato Raises $25M in Series B Funding

“The difference between RiskOps and what has traditionally been called an ‘underwriting workbench’ is as big as the difference between ChatGPT and the Google Search we’ve used the last 25 years. Bringing the power of AI to portfolio management represents a fundamental step forward, and we believe insurance is about to have its 'AI Moment' with Federato at its core.”

Deb Smallwood

Founder of Strategy Meets Action, a Resource Pro Company

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Series B
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"We had made numerous attempts to initiate a digital transformation in underwriting in recent years – it was a source of tremendous frustration. Working with Federato was wildly different. In a matter of weeks, we advanced our operations technologically by two decades!”

Tom Fitzgerald


Hawaiian Hurricane Group
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14 to 1
8 weeks
for RiskOps solution to go live for initial underwriter testing

"The insurance industry is using yesterday's information and skill sets to solve today's problems. Federato's RiskOps solution brought us a whole different way of looking at an industry that has tons of data but struggles with how to appropriately use and integrate it.”

Steve Doucette


Hawaiian Hurricane GroupHyundai Marine & Fire Insurance
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Carrier Management: How RiskOps Solves Underwriters’ Problems – and Lowers Reinsurance Costs

Federato is serving up risk selection and portfolio management information to underwriters in a single pane of glass – and changing the way insurance technology is delivered.

charge for implementation services & customization
8 weeks
to implement vs. 5+ years for an average Policy Admin System.

Designed by Underwriters for Underwriters

Discover RiskOps

We spent over 1,200 hours interviewing underwriters about what they need to do their job better. Our RiskOps platform uses AI and machine learning to process massive amounts of data to surface dynamic feedback on appetite, winnability, strategy, and goals directly within the underwriter’s workflow.

Amplify existing data investments

Amplify existing data investments

Bring disparate third-party and proprietary data into a single pane of glass to make better risk decisions and outselect your competition.

Empower people to take action

Empower people to take action

Deliver powerful insights at key points in the UW process and layer in the ‘So what?’ to enable underwriters to take the next best actions.

Focus on high value strategic tasks

Focus on high value strategic tasks

Eliminate mundane manual tasks and ‘data foraging’ so underwriters can stay laser-focused on building profitable relationships.

RiskOps – Where Portfolio Strategy Meets Underwriting Action

RiskOps –
Where Portfolio Strategy Meets Underwriting Action

Federato’s industry-first RiskOps platform for P&C and Specialty insurance aligns portfolio strategy with underwriting action.

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Key RiskOps Capabilities

Triage business on appetite, guidelines, and winnability

Dynamically optimize each underwriter’s queue

Proactively monitor risk and meet your obligations

Pre-built policy administration integrations at no cost

Plug-and-play access to 3rd party data

No hidden fees means $0 for services, ever

The Underwriters’ Guide to RiskOps

Get the latest intel on how intelligent, “human-in-the-loop” underwriting is driving better outcomes for P&C and Specialty insurance carriers and MGAs.

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The Underwriters’ Guide to RiskOps

Portfolio Risk + Underwriting Operations

RiskOps transcends basic workflow automation and instead uses the first principles of machine learning to empower underserved underwriting and operations teams. Our platform brings dynamic risk selection and portfolio-aware insights to the last mile in underwriting and core operations through a sleek and modern workflow designed by underwriters for underwriters.