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Uniting data, streamlining collaboration, automating compliance, and optimizing strategies for global insurance carriers and high-growth MGAs.

Key Industry Challenges

Underutilized Data

“Our data is scattered across various systems. It’s a full-time job just to pull it all together.”
Solution Element

Connected Data Management

Streamline data management with RiskOps' “Federated” approach, consolidating and synchronizing your scattered data for quicker, more efficient decision-making. Say goodbye to data juggling and enhance risk management.

Core Capabilities
  • Intuitive interface and organized data
  • Summary views of account and policy attributes
  • Pre-populated and collaborative underwriting documents
  • Integration with proprietary models for rating and pricing
  • Contextual and discoverable note-taking
  • Referrals with chain of custody and discussion threads
  • Rate, price, and quote versioning
  • Customizable data views and feature-rich data tables
  • Goal attainment trade-off analysis (e.g. impact of rate changes on winnability)
What Our Customers Say

This is the power of the RiskOps platform. We now have the chassis that we can start to bolt other things to, and all those other data providers now just become an API integration seamlessly in the workflow. The underwriters can make better decisions using that data without having to do extra steps.”

Greg Puleo
Vice President, Digital Transformation, QBE North America

Inconsistent Business Processes and Operational Bottlenecks

“Without a shared and repeatable process, our team struggles to improve over time."
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Unified Underwriting Workflow

RiskOps streamlines underwriting workflows, making collaboration and efficiency a breeze. We develop tailored, enforceable procedures for your unique processes, uncovering growth opportunities and ensuring sustainable success.

Core Capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box tasks (e.g. referrals, loss picks, etc.)
  • Customizable tasks
  • Workflow management and orchestration
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Task pooling and hand-offs
  • Audit trails of actions taken
  • Inline discussions about tasks
What Our Customers Say

We had made numerous attempts to initiate a digital transformation in underwriting in recent years – it was a source of tremendous frustration. Working with Federato was wildly different. In a matter of weeks, we advanced our operations technologically by two decades!”

Tom Fitzgerald
President, Commercial Insurance at QBE North America
Solution Element

Enhanced Operations Management

RiskOps eliminates redundant data processing steps and automates others. By removing time-consuming effort and bottlenecks, we improve deal flow and empower you to seize opportunities and drive growth.

Core Capabilities
  • Email and form submissions
  • OCR integration
  • Document generation (e.g. quotes, policies, invoices)
  • Native document management
  • Document management integrations (e.g. ImageRight, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Integrated email client
What Our Customers Say

For me, the measure of success is when the platform fades into the background and the underwriters can focus on making good risk decisions and interacting with their agents or brokers."

Greg Puleo
Vice President, Digital Transformation, QBE North America

We Need To Own It to Differentiate

“Our in-house underwriting systems are slow to change and difficult to use but we fear we’ll lose our differentiation if we don’t build our own software.”
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Flexible, Open, and Configurable Framework

Federato offers a flexible platform to help your business adapt quickly and outpace the competition. Say farewell to slow, cumbersome in-house solutions and welcome technology that empowers your future.

Core Capabilities
  • Modern user interface - designed by underwriters for underwriters
  • Over 100 pre-built data views with no code configuration and low code extensibility
  • Open environment for real-time, two-way data, model, and system integration
What Our Customers Say

Federato has been huge for us – not only does the platform help us deliver the speed, intelligence, and efficiency our clients demand, the team has worked with us to avoid millions in startup costs and increase our capacity by more than 3x as we grow our business."

Chris Kolger
Co-CEO, Propeller Bonds

Writing The Right Deals Faster

“We have thousands of pages of internal guidelines, appetite grids and guidance but no ability to operationalize them.”
Solution Element

Compliance Automation

Streamlined compliance and workflows reduce non-compliance risk. Configure RiskOps to seamlessly align your operations with changing regulations, guidelines, and standards, so you can focus on core business activities with peace of mind.

Core Capabilities
  • Guideline repository
  • Guideline alerts
  • Authority alerts
  • Referrals management
  • Integrated email retention
What Our Customers Say

We didn’t have a single place for all of our documentation – it was all in our heads or buried in emails, and it wasn’t integrated as part of our workflow. We were stepping on each other’s toes, and as we continued to grow, we realized that if we didn’t fix the problem now, it would snowball into something major later."

Konae C. Mignott
CPCU, AFSB, Chief Operating Officer, Propeller
Solution Element

Guided Triage & Prioritization

Results-oriented opportunity selection models, tailored to your strategies, are injected into the underwriting workflow based on industry and data-driven insights. This results in optimal resource allocation and better decision making.

Core Capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box winnability models
  • Custom triage models
  • Real-time risk selection guidance
  • Real-time risk selection guidance
  • Opportunity distribution and allocation
What Our Customers Say

From day one, Federato has enabled us to operationalize our unique strategies in a way that empowers our underwriting team to make better and more consistent risk selection decisions based on our distinctive approach to appetite and winnability at speed and scale, turning around quotes for our brokers faster than our competition."

Gage Caligaris
Founder and CEO, Ledgebrook
Solution Element

Portfolio Management & Optimization

The ability to operationalize insights from real-time, 360 degree views of portfolio, team, and underwriter performance enables underwriting leaders to proactively steer the portfolio and achieve evolving goals.

Core Capabilities
  • Set precise goals (e.g. accumulation, rate, retention)
  • Real-time goal attainment analysis
  • Portfolio dashboards with drill-down analysis on business, productivity, and deal flow metrics
  • Team dashboards with detailed analysis
What Our Customers Say

Underwriters today are looking for modern technology and tooling that helps them to be more productive and meet their goals. Federato’s RiskOps underwriting platform is an integral part of the next-generation tech stack we are building, and is central to helping us attract top talent to the company. The ability to demonstrate strong portfolio controls to our reinsurance partners will also help us gain capacity for future growth."

Steve Mills
President, E&S, Ledgebrook

Our Approach to AI

Guidelines Support

Scans hundreds of pages of guidelines in the context of an account and isolates the questions an underwriter should ask from the ones they could ask.

Winnability Estimation

Dynamically analyzes winnability based on hundreds of market data points to help underwriters concentrate on opportunities where they are most price competitive.

Similarity Analytics

Clusters thousands of accounts based on dozens of similar characteristics to enable underwriters to review and learn from their peers’ analysis of similar risks.

Custom Models

Allows customers to train, host, deploy, or connect to proprietary models ranging from natural catastrophe to telematics entirely within the RiskOps environment.

Portfolio Optimization

Ranks thousands of risks relative to the portfolio using a businesses’ existing rate, retention, accumulation, and new business goals and guidelines.

Appetite Assessment

Combines rules and client-proprietary algorithms to assess appetite, referral requirements, and instantly enable auto-declination or straight through processing.


This foundation substantially transforms an underwriting organization by improving underwriting productivity, precision, and outcomes to maintain your differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

Broker Portal

The optional Federato Broker Portal helps insurance organizations improve the broker experience by strengthening relationships between underwriters and their brokers and agents, streamlining the underwriting process from submission to quote.

Form Manager

The Form Manager delivers optional forms management, assembly, population and issuance capabilities.

Rate Price Quote

Rate-Price-Quote brings optional rating pricing and quoting functionality into the core workflow. Detailed exposure and coverage information as well as rates and rules are continuously integrated throughout the evaluation, pricing/rating and quote process.

Federated Data Graph

Core to the platform is a Federated Data Graph which connects disparate sources in real time. The federated approach allows for legacy systems and ongoing data transformation to exist simultaneously while providing a single point of access for actionable application data.

The difference between RiskOps and what has traditionally been called an ‘underwriting workbench’ is as big as the difference between ChatGPT and the Google Search we’ve used the last 25 years. Bringing the power of AI to portfolio management represents a fundamental step forward, and we believe insurance is about to have its 'AI Moment' with Federato at its core."

Deb Smallwood
Founder of Strategy Meets Action | Insurance Technology Analyst

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