On Demand Webinar: Digitally Transforming Insurance Operations

September 18, 2023

William Steenbergen, CTO and Co-Founder of Federato joins industry leaders from Zurich North America, Majesco, and Azuga, Inc., for a panel discussion hosted by Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator on “Digitally Transforming Operations for a New Era of Work.” William discusses how next generation workplace technologies and tooling are critical for P&C and Specialty insurers to attract new talent including Millennials and Gen Z to the insurance industry, and why an agile approach to underwriting modernization is key to achieving time to value.

Facing a “silver tsunami” of retirements, talent and retooling for a new era of work are top of mind for P&C and Specialty insurance carriers and MGAs. Forward-looking insurers recognize that they must invest in next-generation technologies, workflow, and tooling to attract and retain new generations of employees who are the key to future growth. In this webinar sponsored by Federato, you’ll hear timely insights from industry leaders on the long-term data strategies and tools that insurance carriers and MGAs need to invest in to prepare for the future of work.

"Expectations are changing. Over the next ten years, 50% of the current insurance workforce will retire. They will be replaced by younger workers who are used to fast and optimized experiences like TikTok and Facebook versus Excel spreadsheets and PDFs. To attract and retain new generations, insurers will have to build out new workflows to give these digital natives what they really need."

– William Steenbergen, CTO & Co-Founder, Federato

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Hear strategic insights from a panel of insurance industry experts and thought leaders including:

  • William Steenbergen, CTO and Co-founder, Federato
  • Jonathan Charak, VP Emerging Solutions Director, Sustainability Underwriting, Zurich North America
  • Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer, Majesco
  • Thomas Erdman, EVP, Business Development & Sales, Azuga, Inc.
  • Mike Connor, Co-Founder & CEO, SVIA (Moderator)

Retooling for a New Era of Work

The link between modern technology and tooling and attracting new generations of talent to insurance is something William and the team at Federato are passionate about – and it’s a passion we share with our insurance customers who are committed to creating a better day-to-day experience for their underwriters and teams.

“Underwriters today are looking for modern technology and tooling that helps them to be more productive and meet their goals,” said Steve Mills, President, E&S, Ledgebrook, an insurtech MGA focussing on the Excess and Surplus (E&S) market. Transforming the underwriting experience is key to Ledgebrook’s strategy to attract and retain the industry’s best and brightest. 

QBE North America has also been on a mission to simplify the day in the life of an underwriter. Today, underwriters spend too much time “jockeying between tools and data sources” and searching for the right spreadsheet to find the information they need to select a risk, Greg Puleo, Vice President, Digital Transformation, QBE North America told Carrier Management.

“You shouldn’t feel like you’re stepping 20 years back in time when you log into your underwriting workbench in the morning to start your day, but unfortunately that is exactly the experience many underwriters and teams face today using antiquated technology and tools,” says William Steenbergen. “These people spend 8 hours a day working in these tools. It’s their main workflow.”
“I’ve spoken to 25-year old underwriters who admit that they have considered joining another carrier because they don’t want to work in Excel all day,” Steenbergen adds. “These are people who are used to interacting with highly optimized UI/UXs like Facebook and Instagram. This is an important discussion that our industry needs to have.”

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