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Page Wiggins
May 4, 2021

To learn more about Federato, check out this PDF which reviews our corporate philosophy, our solutions functionality, and the benefits our customers realize.

About us

Federato is an underwriting platform for P&Cinsurance carriers that uses a collaborative,real-time approach to coordinate risk selectionand proactively safeguard your portfolio.

Designed by underwriters, for underwriters to:

  • Amplify existing data investments
  • Empower your people to take action
  • Strengthen your relationships

We’re leading the future with Risk Ops to drive moreprecision into your processes in an increasingly complex riskenvironment. Our design philosophy begins with the beliefthat businesses don’t have problems, people do andwe’ve spent over 1250 hours asking the underwriters youwork so hard to retain what they need to do their job better.

Risk Ops brings AI to insurance in a way that transcendsbasic automation and instead uses the first principles ofmachine learning to elevate underserved underwritingteams.

Our solutions bring high-quality, dynamic risk information tothe last mile in underwriting and core operations through aworkflow that was, truly, designed by underwritersthemselves.


  • Balance growth and risk exposure to maximize return on reinsurance
  • Measure conformance to organizational goals and guideline
  • Improve underwriter satisfaction and increase productivity
The ultimate goal is to have a portfolio where risk, expense, rate and premium areoptimized. Since each new prospect and renewal creates a new set of variables andimpacts, the Federato tool allows you to adapt to this new information and gives youthe power to truly optimize in real-time.”

CEO, $1B P&C Carrier
Why federated?

Our federated architecture allows your organization to form a comprehensive view ofdisparate information in the underwriting workflow. We eliminate the need to movesensitive information outside your firewall while delivering a modern, continuouslyupdated, as-a-Service experience into your on premise, multi, or hybrid cloud environment.

What we do

Despite massive investments into data augmentation andnew predictive models, precision underwriting remainselusive in P&C insurance. Federato’s Risk Ops approachsurfaces portfolio-aware insights at key points of action inthe pricing process.

Our Capabilities
  • Systematic adherence to rules, guidelines, and authority
  • Proactive monitoring of risk accumulations
  • Real-time organizational performance & goal tracking
  • Account prioritization by appetite and winnability
  • Dynamic optimization of each underwriter’s queue
  • Embedded notes, referrals,and collaboration.

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